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Israel war cabinet minister vows to quit if there is no post-war plan for Gaza (1 hour 29 minutes old)

Recent weeks have seen an increasingly public rift over how Gaza should be governed after the war.

Russia could increase Ukraine attacks, says Zelensky (13 hours old)

Moscow continues to make military gains in the Kharkiv region as Ukraine struggles with resources.

Body of hostage recovered from Gaza, says IDF (3 hours old)

The Israeli military said Ron Benjamin was found alongside the bodies of three other hostages.

Attacked Navalny ally will 'never give up' fight (12 hours old)

Leonid Volkov says his fight against Vladimir Putin will never end, speaking after a hammer attack outside his home.

Iran Nobel laureate says she faces new trial (5 hours old)

Narges Mohammadi, 52, speaks out in a message from Evin prison where she is being held.

Georgia president vetoes 'foreign agent' law (6 hours old)

Salome Zourabichvili's said a law that has sparked weeks of protests was "fundamentally Russian".

Slovakia PM Fico 'approaching a positive prognosis' (10 hours old)

It comes as a man charged with attempting to murder Robert Fico arrived in court on Saturday.

Tunisia says 23 people missing in Mediterranean sea (3 hours old)

The national guard says it has informed the navy and search and rescue operations are under way.

CCTV appears to show Diddy beating girlfriend in hotel (22 hours old)

The clip seems to show an attack described in Casandra Ventura's lawsuit against the rapper last year.

US warns of possible Pride Month attacks worldwide (1 day old)

The warning comes one week after a similar alert from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.

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World news | The Guardian

Binance executive denied bail in Nigeria over money laundering charges (1 day old)

Tigran Gambaryan faces allegations of ‘serious criminality’ on behalf of world’s largest cryptocurrency exchangeA Nigerian court has ruled that Tigran Gambaryan, the Binance executive detained on charges of tax evasion and money laundering, can face trial on behalf of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.In a judgment in Abuja on Friday – Gambaryan’s 40th birthday – the presiding judge, Emeka Nwite, denied the American national bail, saying he was likely to abscond. Continue reading...

‘Bullet wounds are common’: crime rife in DRC’s rebel-besieged city of Goma (1 day old)

Robberies, shootings, extortion and rapes have surged since the Rwandan-backed M23 militia cut off the eastern Congolese capitalIn broad daylight on 16 April, three armed and uniformed men held up a city centre mobile phone shop.Threatening staff, they helped themselves to about £700 worth of goods, before making off on a motorbike, disappearing into the busy streets of Goma, in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Continue reading...

South Africa calls on ICJ to order Israel to end Rafah offensive (2 days old [16/05/24])

Lawyers urge international court of justice to issue urgent measures over assault on Gaza’s southernmost citySouth Africa has asked the international court of justice (ICJ) to urgently order Israel to end its assault on Rafah, halt its military campaign across Gaza, and allow international investigators and journalists into the territory.In a court hearing, lawyers for South Africa expanded a written request for judges to issue an emergency order to stop the offensive into Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost city. Continue reading...

‘Realities of apartheid’: South African artist wins Deutsche Börse photography prize (2 days old [16/05/24])

Lebohang Kganye blends oral traditions, family photos and theatre in a ‘new and fresh way’ to trace personal history of apartheid eraThe South African artist Lebohang Kganye has won the prestigious Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation prize for her work that uses large-scale cutouts and elements of set design to trace and depict her family history during the apartheid era.The Johannesburg-based artist took home the £30,000 prize for her winning exhibition, which is on display at the Photographers’ Gallery in central London and is called Haufi nyana? I’ve come to take you home. Continue readin[...]

Nigerian activists condemn mass ‘forced marriages’ of 100 girls and young women (2 days old [16/05/24])

Petition launched to halt mass ceremony that organisers say is for 100 orphans whose parents were killed by gangsHuman rights activists in Nigeria have launched a petition to stop a plan to push 100 girls and young women into marriage in a mass ceremony, which has caused outrage in the west African country.The plan, sponsored by Abdulmalik Sarkindaji, the speaker of the national assembly in the largely Muslim north-western state of Niger, were criticised by Nigeria’s women’s affairs minister, Uju Kennedy Ohanenye. She said she would seek a court injunction to stop the ceremony next week and es[...]

Scientists find buried branch of the Nile that may have carried pyramids’ stones (2 days old [16/05/24])

Discovery of the branch, which ran alongside 31 pyramids, could solve mystery of blocks’ transportationScientists have discovered a long-buried branch of the Nile River that once flowed alongside more than 30 pyramids in Egypt, potentially solving the mystery of how ancient Egyptians transported the massive stone blocks to build the monuments.The 40-mile-long (64km) river branch, which ran by the Giza pyramid complex among other wonders, was hidden under desert and farmland for millennia, according to a study revealing the find on Thursday. Continue reading...

Toxic ‘forever chemicals’ ubiquitous in Great Lakes basin, study finds (6 hours old)

PFAS chemicals present in air, rain, atmosphere and water in basin, which holds nearly 95% of US freshwaterToxic PFAS “forever chemicals” are ubiquitous in the Great Lakes basin’s air, rain, atmosphere and water, new peer-reviewed research shows.The first-of-its-kind, comprehensive picture of PFAS levels for the basin, which holds nearly 95% of the nation’s freshwater, also reveals that precipitation is probably a major contributor to the lakes’ contamination.This story was amended on 18 May 2024 to clarify that Buffalo does not border Lake Ontario. Continue reading...

Netflix’s One Hundred Years of Solitude brings fame to Gabriel García Márquez’s Colombian hometown (9 hours old)

Locals hope TV adaptation of One Hundred Years of Solitude will bring new life to Aracataca, birthplace of author’s magical realismIn sweltering mid-afternoon heat, children splash in the clear water of the canal that threads through town as elderly neighbours look on from rocking chairs on the porches of their sun-washed houses. Butterflies spring from every bush, sometimes fluttering together in kaleidoscopes.At the foot of Colombia’s Sierra Nevada mountains, about 20 miles from the Caribbean coast, Gabriel García Márquez’s fictional world of Macondo lives on. Continue reading...

Fans queue round the block as tiny Mexican taco stand wins Michelin star (17 hours old)

There was more business than usual and some bemused regulars after El Califa de León was rewarded for its ‘exceptional’ offeringEl Califa de León, an unassuming taco joint in Mexico City, measures just 3 metres by 3 metres and has space for only about six people to stand at a squeeze. Locals usually wait for 5 minutes between ordering and picking up their food.All that changed on Wednesday, however, when it became the first Mexican taco stand ever to win a Michelin star, putting it in the exalted company of fine dining restaurants around the world, and drawing crowds like it has never seen. Co[...]

Teen who texted 911 rescued after she was trafficked to California from Mexico (1 day old)

In texts received in Spanish and translated to English, the girl tried to describe her location, though she did not know where she wasAuthorities rescued a 17-year old girl after she was trafficked to Ventura county, California, from Mexico two months ago and texted 911 for help.On Thursday, the Ventura county sheriff’s office announced that on 9 May authorities rescued the girl after she sent messages to 911. The text message correspondence began with a call taker at a 911 communication center, according to the sheriff’s office, which added that the messages were received in Spanish and trans[...]

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