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AI Could Explain Why We're Not Meeting Any Aliens, Wild Study Proposes (1 hour 21 minutes old)

An anonymous reader shared this report from ScienceAlert: The Fermi Paradox is the discrepancy between the apparent high likelihood of advanced civilizations existing and the total lack of evidence that they do exist. Many solutions have been proposed for why the discrepancy exists. One of the ideas is the 'Great Filter.' The Great Filter is a hypothesized event or situation that prevents intelligent life from becoming interplanetary and interstellar and even leads to its demise.... [H]ow about the rapid development of AI? A new paper in Acta Astronautica explores the idea that Artificial[...]

Fusion Experiment Demonstrates Cheaper Stellerator Using Creative Magnet Workaround (4 hours old)

Popular Science reports that early last week, researchers at the U.S. Energy Department's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory revealed their new "MUSE" stellarator — "a unique fusion reactor that uses off-the-shelf and 3D-printed materials to contain its superheated plasma." The researchers' announcement says the technique suggests "a simple way to build future devices for less cost and allow researchers to test new concepts for future fusion power plants." Stellarators typically rely on complicated electromagnets that have complex shapes and create their magnetic fields through the flow [...]

Could a New Charge Double the Service-life of Li-Ion Batteries? (7 hours old)

"An improved charging protocol might help lithium-ion batteries to last much longer," writes Science Daily: The best commercial lithium-ion batteries...have a service life of up to eight years. Batteries are usually charged with a constant current flow. But is this really the most favorable method? A new study by Prof. Philipp Adelhelm's group at HZB and Humboldt-University Berlin answers this question clearly with "no." [In collaboration with teams including the Technical University of Berlin.] Part of the battery tests were carried out at Aalborg University. The batteries were either char[...]

Data Collected by the US Justice Department Exposed in Consultant's Breach (10 hours old)

DOJ-Collected Information Exposed In Data Breach Affecting 340,000 Information Collected An anonymous reader shared this report from Security Week: Economic analysis and litigation support firm Greylock McKinnon Associates, Inc. (GMA) is notifying over 340,000 individuals that their personal and medical information was compromised in a year-old data breach. The incident was detected on May 30, 2023, but it took the firm roughly eight months to investigate and determine what type of information was compromised and to identify the impacted individuals. According to GMA's notification lette[...]

Will America's Next Soldiers Be Machines? (12 hours old)

Foreign Policy magazine visits a U.S. military training exercise that pitted Lt. Isaac McCurdy and his platoon of infantry troops against machines with camera lenses for eyes and sheet metal for skin: Driving on eight screeching wheels and carrying enough firepower on their truck beds to fill a small arms depot, a handful of U.S. Army robots stormed through the battlefield of the fictional city of Ujen. The robots shot up houses where the opposition force hid. Drones that had been loitering over the battlefield for hours hovered above McCurdy and his team and dropped "bombs" — foam footballs,[...]

New Spectre V2 Attack Impacts Linux Systems On Intel CPUs (13 hours old)

An anonymous reader shared this report from BleepingComputer: Researchers have demonstrated the "first native Spectre v2 exploit" for a new speculative execution side-channel flaw that impacts Linux systems running on many modern Intel processors. Spectre V2 is a new variant of the original Spectre attack discovered by a team of researchers at the VUSec group from VU Amsterdam. The researchers also released a tool that uses symbolic execution to identify exploitable code segments within the Linux kernel to help with mitigation. The new finding underscores the challenges in balancing perform[...]

US Government Says Recent Microsoft Breach Exposed Federal Agencies to Hacking (14 hours old)

From the Washington Post: The U.S. government said Thursday that Russian government hackers who recently stole Microsoft corporate emails had obtained passwords and other secret material that might allow them to breach multiple U.S. agencies. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, an arm of the Department of Homeland Security, on Tuesday issued a rare binding directive to an undisclosed number of agencies requiring them to change any log-ins that were taken and investigate what else might be at risk. The directive was made public Thursday, after recipients had begun shoring[...]

'Defeated' CEO's Finally Concede Hybrid Working Is Here to Stay (15 hours old)

"After a year of cracking down with rigid return-to-office mandates, defeated CEOs are now finally accepting that hybrid working is here to stay," reports Fortune: KPMG surveyed U.S. CEOs of companies turning over at least $500 million and found that just one-third expect a full return to the office in the next three years. So it's official: Leaders who believe that office workers will be back at their desks five days a week in the near future are now in the small minority. It's a complete 360 on their stance last year, when 62% of CEOs surveyed predicted that working from home would end by[...]

73-Year-Old Clifford Stoll Is Now Selling Klein Bottles (16 hours old)

O'Reilly's "Tech Trends" newsletter included an interesting item this month: Want your own Klein Bottle? Made by Cliff Stoll, author of the cybersecurity classic The Cuckoo's Egg, who will autograph your bottle for you (and may include other surprises). First described in 1882 by the mathematician Felix Klein, a Klein bottle (like a Mobius strip) has a one-side surface. ("Need a zero-volume bottle...?" asks Stoll's web site. "Want the ultimate in non-orientability...? A mathematician's delight, handcrafted in glass.") But how the legendary cyberbreach detective started the company is exp[...]

Google Finally Launches Android's 'Find My Device' Network (17 hours old)

This week the new "Find My Device" feature rolled out to Android devices around the world, starting in the U.S. and Canada. "With a new, crowdsourced network of over a billion Android devices, Find My Device can help you find your misplaced Android devices and everyday items quickly and securely," according to a Google blog post. ZDNet explains: Although Google already offers a Find My Device setting on Android phones, the device you're looking for must be powered on and connected for the feature to work. The new Find My Device network is designed to use Bluetooth to track down missing pho[...]

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Government should counter misinformation on TikTok - MPs (2 days old [11/04/24])

A committee says the government should be more relatable in its communications with the public.

Baldur's Gate 3 wins big at Bafta Games Awards (2 days old [11/04/24])

Super Mario Bros Wonder won two, while Star Wars Jedi: Survivor missed out despite six nominations.

Regulator fears big tech firms' power in AI market (2 days old [11/04/24])

CMA points to "interconnected web" involving Google, Apple, Microsoft, Meta and Amazon.

Instagram trying nudity blurring to stop 'sextortion' (2 days old [11/04/24])

The platform will use AI-powered systems to detect nude images and identify sextortion accounts.

Elon Musk to visit India for meeting with PM Modi (3 days old [11/04/24])

The Tesla boss is expected to announce major investment plans in India as the firm faces slowing demand.

All you need to know for tonight's Bafta Games Awards (3 days old [10/04/24])

Zelda, Baldur's Gate 3 and Spider-Man 2 are among the frontrunners at this year's ceremony.

Apple sparks Palestinian flag emoji controversy (3 days old [10/04/24])

iPhone users noticed a Palestinian flag emoji is being suggested when users type "Jerusalem."

World of Warcraft to return to China (4 days old [10/04/24])

China's NetEase and games publisher Activision Blizzard end their feud which had angered fans.

TikTok to take on Instagram with photo app (4 days old [09/04/24])

Some TikTok users have received notifications about a new app for photo posts "coming soon".

Tesla to settle over fatal Autopilot crash (5 days old [09/04/24])

The trial, brought by the family of Apple engineer Walter Huang, was scheduled to begin this week.

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