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The Ember Travel Mug keeps your drink at the ideal temperature on the go (503 days old [20/11/18])

A travel mug that's quite the hot-tea

Christmas Gift Guide 2018: 185 amazing Christmas gadget gift ideas (503 days old [20/11/18])

Stuck for what to buy that special someone? We've done the hard work for you

Christmas Gift Guide 2018: 15 gift ideas for drinkers and alcohol lovers (503 days old [20/11/18])

Thirst-quenching presents for fans of every tipple

The 40 best iPhone and iPad games right now (503 days old [20/11/18])

UPDATED: If you’re not using your iOS devices for playing games, you’re missing out on some of the best titles mobile has to offer

Nokia 9 preview: Everything we know so far (503 days old [19/11/18])

UPDATED: A leaked case showcases the five-camera design

11 things Apple will definitely* be making soon** (503 days old [19/11/18])

*Maybe **At some point

Astro's C40 TR is a wallet-busting PS4 gamepad built for pros (504 days old [19/11/18])

Bonus buttons, mix-and-match components, and Astro's trademark polish

First 10 things you should do with your Google Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL (504 days old [19/11/18])

Got yourself Google's latest Pixel phone? Here's how to get the best out of it...

Tiny L’Oreal wearable keeps you safe in the sun (504 days old [19/11/18])

My Skin Track/UV does what it says on the tin


PayPal and Venmo Are Letting SIM Swappers Hijack Accounts (1 hour 41 minutes old)

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: Several major apps and websites, such as Paypal and Venmo have a flaw that lets hackers easily take over users' accounts once they have taken control of the victim's phone number. Earlier this year, researchers at Princeton University found 17 major companies, among them Amazon, Paypal, Venmo, Blizzard, Adobe, eBay, Snapchat, and Yahoo, allowed users to reset their passwords via text message sent to a phone number associated with their accounts. This means that if a hacker takes control of a victim's cellphone number via a common and tragic[...]

Some Users Experiencing System Crashes on macOS 10.15.4, Especially During Large File Transfers (3 hours old)

A sizeable number of Mac users are experiencing occasional system crashes after updating to macOS Catalina version 10.15.4, released a few weeks ago. From a report: The crashing issue appears to be most prominent when users attempt to make large file transfers. In a forum post, SoftRAID described the issue as a bug and said that it is working with Apple engineers on a fix for macOS 10.15.5, or a workaround. "SoftRAID said the issue extends to Apple-formatted disks: There is a serious issue with 10.15.4. It shows up in different scenarios, even on Apple disks but is more likely when there are l[...]

Uber Connects Out-of-Work U.S. Ride-Hail Drivers To Delivery, Production Jobs (3 hours old)

Uber said on Monday its app will list job openings in the delivery, food production and grocery industry that its U.S. drivers can access during a slump in ride-hailing demand due to the coronavirus. From a report: Beginning on Monday, drivers can find job listings of other companies in a new section of their app, Uber said in a blog post. Uber also said it would reach out to the more than 240,000 of its registered drivers holding commercial licenses to connect them to logistics companies for employment and contract opportunities. It also encouraged drivers to sign up for its Uber Eats food de[...]

A Google Plan To Wipe Out Mosquitoes Appears to Be Working (4 hours old)

An experimental program led by Google parent Alphabet to wipe out disease-causing mosquitoes succeeded in nearly eliminating them from three test sites in California's Central Valley. From a report: Stamping out illness caused by mosquitoes is one of Alphabet unit Verily's most ambitious public-health projects. The effort appears to be paying off, according to a paper published in the journal Nature Biotechnology on Monday. Verily is also running coronavirus triage and testing in parts of California. Bradley White, the lead scientist on the Debug initiative, said mosquito-suppression is even m[...]

Bill Gates To Spend Billions on Coronavirus Vaccine Development (5 hours old)

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said his foundation will spend billions of dollars to fund the construction of factories for the most promising efforts to develop a vaccine to combat the novel coronavirus. From a report: Mr. Gates, a billionaire philanthropist who is one the richest people in the world, said the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will work with seven makers of a possible vaccine to build these factories. Mr. Gates, who announced the efforts in an appearance on "The Daily Show With Trevor Noah" Thursday, acknowledged that billions of dollars would be wasted on vaccines that won'[...]

New Jersey Desperately Needs COBOL Programmers (5 hours old)

In New Jersey, the coronavirus outbreak has resulted in something that few people outside that state's tech department would have foreseen: a dire need for COBOL coders. From a report, shared by reader AmiMoJo: Standing for Common Business-Oriented Language, COBOL's day came and went long ago. It initially made a splash by giving coders a programming language that could work across the proprietary computers of multiple manufacturers. That was in the early 1960s. After becoming a staple of mainframes, it eventually came to represent dusty legacy code, including during the Y2K crisis 20 years ag[...]

'Quit Trying To Make Quibi Happen' (6 hours old)

Devindra Hardawar of Engadget, writing about Quibi, a new streaming service that launched today: Nobody asked for Quibi. Nobody, that is, except for Jeffrey Katzenberg, the founder of Dreamworks Pictures and famed Hollywood producer. Where other mobile video startups failed, like Samsung's long-forgotten Milk Video and Verizon's own Go90 (RIP), Katzenberg figured he could succeed by pouring money (somehow he's raised $1.75 billion so far!) into top talent and well produced shows. At CES in January, Quibi also revealed its core innovation, Turnstyle, which allows you to seamlessly switch betwee[...]

Apple Begins Making Millions of Face Shields and Sources 20 Million Face Masks (9 hours old)

"Apple announced Sunday it's launched a companywide effort to design, produce and ship face shields to medical workers battling the coronavirus outbreak," reports CNET: The first shipment was delivered this week to a Kaiser facility in the Santa Clara Valley, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a video posted to Twitter. "Teams across Apple have been working hard on ways we can support our heroic front-line medical professionals," Cook said, explaining that the fully adjustable shields pack flat and can be assembled in two minutes. "The feedback from doctors was very positive." "We plan to ship o[...]

Elon Musk Shares a Video: Making Ventilators From Tesla Parts (13 hours old)

Elon Musk shared a new video today from Tesla Engineering. "We're trying to make some ventilators from some car parts, so we can help the medical industry without taking away from their supply," it begins. (All three people who appear in the video are wearing a face mask.) It ends with a demonstration of a prototype using a touchscreen display from the Model 3 infotainment system. "There's still a lot of work to do," the video concludes, "but we're giving it our best effort to make sure we can help some people out there." Yesterday ventilator manufacturer Medtronic also tweeted that Mu[...]

After Four More Phone Masts Attacked, YouTube Promises To Remove Some 5G Conspiracy Videos (17 hours old)

The Guardian reports that YouTube "will reduce the amount of content spreading conspiracy theories about links between 5G technology and coronavirus that it recommends to users, it has said, as four more attacks were recorded on phone masts within 24 hours." The online video company will actively remove videos that breach its policies, it said. But content that is simply conspiratorial about 5G mobile communications networks, without mentioning coronavirus, is still allowed on the site. YouTube said those videos may be considered "borderline content" and subjected to suppression, including lo[...]

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Four new bugs? You shouldn't have: Microsoft celebrates 45 years with dollop of borkage on Windows Insider Fast Ring (1 hour 35 minutes old)

Also: Skype goes attention-seeking and Edge shares its scrolling smarts with Chromium Roundup Got time on your hands and an enterprise running on Microsoft 365? The Windows giant wants to hear from you in this week's quick 'n' dirty rundown of Redmond news.…

Roaring trade in zero-days means more vulns are falling into the hands of state spies, warn security researchers (2 hours old)

Flaw variety hipper with snoops than cash-hungry crooks right now Zero-day vulns are increasingly likely to be bought and sold by malware vendors targeting the Middle East with their dodgy wares, according to FireEye.…

Just cough into here, please: Cambridge-developed app collects sounds of COVID-19 (3 hours old)

No stethoscope needed – but you don't get to know the results A team at the UK's Cambridge University has created an application to collect the speaking, breathing and coughing sounds of participants in the hope of building predictive models to "contribute to the early diagnosis of COVID-19".…

From Amanda Holden to petrol-filled water guns: It has been a weird week for 5G (4 hours old)

Gov.UK to ask social networks to do their part... Comment Amanda Holden is not an epidemiologist. She holds no degree in electrical engineering or physics. Her time is spent judging the (often self-contradictory) Britain's Got Talent, or sitting next to Phil Schofield on the couch of This Morning, where she earned notoriety by asking Brit astronaut Tim Peake if he stole any moon rocks on his mission to the International Space Station.…

Learn how to maintain remote scale, resiliency and intelligence with the Akamai Edge Live | Virtual Summit (4 hours old)

From managing during unprecedented times to dealing with wider digital change, these are the sessions you need Promo Business continuity, cyber security, and maintaining customer experience are the order of the day as we all bed in to work from home for the near (or mid) future. The Edge Live | Virtual Summit 2020 has these topics covered.…

Already in final beta? That's Madagascar: Ubuntu 20.04 'Focal Fossa' gets updated desktop, ZFS support (5 hours old)

Long-term release with upgraded QEMU virtualization Canonical has dropped a final beta of Ubuntu 20.04 "Focal Fossa", set for full release on 23 April.…

RHEL pusher Paul Cormier appointed CEO to lead Red Hat into the IBM era (5 hours old)

20-year veteran takes over as Jim Whitehurst becomes Big Blue prez Long-serving Red Hatter Paul Cormier has been named president and chief exec as his predecessor, Jim Whitehurst, sets off for fields Big and Blue.…

Microsoft 365 Business to gain more Azure Active Directory toys... oh, and it's called Microsoft 365 Business Premium (from 21 April) (6 hours old)

Because this Office branding shake-up isn't confusing at all Microsoft is adding a full Azure Active Directory Premium P1 licence to its Microsoft 365 business subscription even as it aims the rebrandogun at its product line.…

Americas' SAP Users' Group chief reckons upgrades to S4/HANA will gather pace despite COVID-19 disruption (8 hours old)

If you're almost finished with the ordeal, there's no looking back now Although most organisations would probably put ERP upgrade plans on ice amid a global pandemic, SAP users are likely to press ahead with existing projects to upgrade to S/4HANA, Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG) says.…

Kaspersky cleans up poisoned watering hole, Google presses pause on cookie crackdown (8 hours old)

Plus: SystemD has a privilege escalation flaw that needs patching, and more bits and bytes Roundup Kaspersky has detailed its takedown of a massive so-called watering-hole attack appearing to target dissidents in China, in the top story in The Reg's infosec roundup that looks at issues of the past week beyond our own detailed coverage.…

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Airbnb hosts defy lockdown laws with 'Covid-19 retreats' (8 hours old)

Government criticises "dangerous and irresponsible" listings of coronavirus isolation properties.

Coronavirus: Exercise bike firm Peloton stops live classes (3 hours old)

The bike firm has paused live classes just days after an employee tested positive for Covid-19.

Coronavirus: Call for single EU tracking app with data protection (3 hours old)

EU data watchdog calls for a single, privacy-centred virus app, instead of dozens of national ones.

Coronavirus: Video games add 'stay at home' Covid-19 adverts (21 hours old)

Candy Crush Saga, Dirt Rally 2.0 and Sniper Elite 4 are among titles that show a government campaign.

Elderly Israelis beat isolation with tech lessons (6 hours old)

Tech innovators are giving older Israelis online lessons to overcome Covid-19 isolation.

Coronavirus: Tech firms summoned over 'crackpot' 5G conspiracies (1 day old)

Government will tell social media firms to take down posts more quickly after attacks on masts.

Coronavirus: Defence firm Babcock to make 10,000 ventilators (13 hours old)

The move comes as tech giant Apple says it will start making face shields for medical workers.

Pixar pioneers behind Toy Story animation win 'Nobel Prize' of computing (1 day old)

The men who made Toy Story and Finding Nemo possible speak to the BBC about their Turing Award win.

Coronavirus: 'Not smart' memo shows Amazon's union stance (3 days old [03/04/20])

The firm's lawyer says his comments were personal, spoken out of emotional frustration.

Zoom 'unsuitable' for government secrets, researchers say (3 days old [03/04/20])

The meeting app used by Cabinet has odd encryption and sends data through China, researchers say.

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