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Senate Introduces Bill To Setup Legal Framework For Ethical AI Development (1 hour 22 minutes old)

Last week, the U.S. Senate introduced a new bill to outlaw the unethical use of AI-generated content and deepfake technology. Called the Content Origin Protection and Integrity from Edited and Deepfaked Media Act (COPIED Act), the bill would "set new federal transparency guidelines for marking, authenticating and detecting AI-generated content, protect journalists, actors and artists against AI-driven theft, and hold violators accountable for abuses." TechSpot reports: Proposed and sponsored by Democrats Maria Cantwell of Washington and Martin Heinrich of New Mexico, along with Republican Mars[...]

Radar Images Suggest There's a Tunnel On the Moon (4 hours old)

Longtime Slashdot reader fahrbot-bot shares a report from Gizmodo: A team of researchers think they've discovered a cave on the Moon in radar images of the lunar surface, which they posit could be a future site for an established human presence on our rocky satellite. The tunnel is in the Mare Tranquillitatis (Sea of Tranquility) pit, the deepest known pit on the Moon. (If the name is familiar to you, the Sea of Tranquility is where the Apollo 11 mission landed in 1969.) The pit formed due to a lava tube's roof collapse or a collapse of a void structure created by tectonic processes. To look f[...]

Record Labels Sue Verizon After ISP 'Buried Head In Sand' Over Subscribers' Piracy (7 hours old)

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TorrentFreak: Just before the weekend, dozens of record labels including UMG, Warner, and Sony, filed a massive copyright infringement lawsuit against Verizon at a New York federal court. In common with previous lawsuits that accused rivals of similar inaction, Verizon Communications Inc., Verizon Services Corp., and Cellco Partnership (dba Verizon Wireless), stand accused of assisting subscribers to download and share pirated music, by not doing enough to stop them. The labels' complaint introduces Verizon as one of the largest ISPs in the country, one[...]

Italy Reconsiders Nuclear Energy 35 Years After Shutting Down Last Reactor (9 hours old)

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni plans to revive Italy's nuclear energy sector, focusing on small modular reactors to be operational within a decade. He said that nuclear energy could constitute at least 11% of the country's electricity mix by 2050. Semafor reports: Italy's energy minister told the Financial Times that the government would introduce legislation to support investment in small modular reactors, which could be operational within 10 years. [...] In Italy, concerns about energy security since Russia's invasion of Ukraine have pushed the government to reconsider nuclear power, [...]

Microsoft Unveils a Large Language Model That Excels At Encoding Spreadsheets (10 hours old)

Microsoft has quietly announced the first details of its new "SpreadsheetLLM," claiming it has the "potential to transform spreadsheet data management and analysis, paving the way for more intelligent and efficient user interactions." You can read more details about the model in a pre-print paper available here. Jasper Hamill reports via The Stack: One of the problems with using LLMs in spreadsheets is that they get bogged down by too many tokens (basic units of information the model processes). To tackle this, Microsoft developed SheetCompressor, an "innovative encoding framework that compres[...]

OW2: 'The European Union Must Keep Funding Free Software' (11 hours old)

OW2, the non-profit international consortium dedicated to developing open-source middleware, published an open letter to the European Commission today. They're urging the European Union to continue funding free software after noticing that the Next Generation Internet (NGI) programs were no longer mentioned in Cluster 4 of the 2025 Horizon Europe funding plans. OW2 argues that discontinuing NGI funding would weaken Europe's technological ecosystem, leaving many projects under-resourced and jeopardizing Europe's position in the global digital landscape. The letter reads, in part: NGI programs[...]

Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott Thinks LLM 'Scaling Laws' Will Hold Despite Criticism (11 hours old)

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: During an interview with Sequoia Capital's Training Data podcast published last Tuesday, Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott doubled down on his belief that so-called large language model (LLM) "scaling laws" will continue to drive AI progress, despite some skepticism in the field that progress has leveled out. Scott played a key role in forging a $13 billion technology-sharing deal between Microsoft and OpenAI. "Despite what other people think, we're not at diminishing marginal returns on scale-up," Scott said. "And I try to help people understand [...]

FBI Has 'Gained Access' To the Trump Rally Shooter's Phone [UPDATE] (12 hours old)

UPDATE 7/15/24 3:05 p.m. EDT: In a press release published this afternoon, the FBI said they "successfully gained access to Thomas Matthew Crooks' phone, and they continue to analyze his electronic devices." The bureau added that it has completed its search of the subject's residence and vehicle, and "conducted nearly 100 interviews of law enforcement personnel, event attendees, and other witnesses." Original Story: July 15, 16:45 UTC: Investigators are working to break into the phone of the man who shot at former President Donald Trump at a Pennsylvania rally on Saturday. The Verge: The FBI[...]

Nation's Last Morse Code Station Comes Back To Life On Annual 'Night of Nights' In Point Reyes (13 hours old)

On July 12, 1999, the last Morse code message was sent from a Bay Area radio station, marking the end of an era. Every July 12, the Historic KPH Maritime Radio Receiving Station in Point Reyes revives the golden age of maritime radio, with volunteers exchanging Morse code messages worldwide. The Mercury News reports: Friday's "Night of Nights" event, which commemorates the long-gone stations and the skilled radiotelegraph operators who linked ships to shore, starts at 5:01 p.m. -- precisely one minute after the 1999 message ended. Operators will keep working until 11 p.m. "We're carrying on," [...]

Gemini AI Platform Accused of Scanning Google Drive Files Without User Permission (13 hours old)

Last week, Senior Advisor on AI Governance at the Center for Democracy & Technology, Kevin Bankston, took to X to report that Google's Gemini AI was caught summarizing his private tax return on Google Drive without his permission. "Despite attempts to disable the feature, Bankston found that Gemini's continued to operate in Google Drive, raising questions about Google's handling of user data and privacy settings," writes TechRadar's Craig Hale. From the report: After failing to find the right controls to disable Gemini's integration, the Advisor asked Google's ChatGPT-rivalling AI chatbot on t[...]

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Disney investigating massive leak of internal messages (1 hour 15 minutes old)

A hacking group says it has leaked internal data from the media giant to protest its use of AI.

Russia antivirus firm Kaspersky quits US after ban (6 hours old)

The move comes after sales and distribution of its products were banned by the Biden administration.

As Apple headset reaches Europe, will VR ever hit the mainstream? (3 days old [13/07/24])

As Apple's Vision Pro headset launches in the UK, can it finally kickstart the virtual reality market?

EU says X’s blue tick accounts deceive users (3 days old [12/07/24])

The EU says the way the social media site designs and operates blue tick accounts "deceives" users.

Pioneering British AI chip designer bought by Japanese firm (4 days old [11/07/24])

Graphcore was once considered one of the country's most promising start-ups, with a £2bn valuation.

Palestinians say Microsoft unfairly closing their accounts (4 days old [11/07/24])

More than 20 Palestinians say they have been kicked off Skype, a popular tool for contacting relatives.

Musk defeats ex-Twitter staff seeking $500m in severance (5 days old [10/07/24])

A US judge dismissed the case, one of several filed in the aftermath of Mr Musk's takeover of the site.

Samsung becomes first tech giant to launch a smart ring (5 days old [10/07/24])

The devices have high profile users, including Kim Kardashian and and some England footballers.

Microsoft hiking Xbox Game Pass prices by up to 25% (6 days old [10/07/24])

The gaming giant said its PC Game Pass subscription would increase by £2 to £9.99 per month.

Tech giant Samsung workers to strike indefinitely (6 days old [10/07/24])

A union for almost 25% of the firm's South Korean workers called the walkout over pay and benefits.

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