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The 15 best things to watch in 4K on Sky Q (68 days old [14/08/18])

Stuff’s pick of Sky’s best Ultra HD bits, updated for August

Phantom Doctrine (68 days old [14/08/18])

XCOM meets Le Carré in this stealthy and strategic Cold War thriller

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy S9+: the weigh-in (69 days old [13/08/18])

Which of Samsung's extra-large phones is worth your extra cash?

We Happy Few (69 days old [13/08/18])

If you could take a pill to make it all go away, would you?

Motorola Moto Z3 (69 days old [13/08/18])

It's getting 5G with a Moto Mod, but should you buy it today?

Apple MacBook Pro 13in with Touch Bar (2018) (69 days old [13/08/18])

It looks like a copy and paste of last year’s Pro, but this notebook is packed with new tech

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Huawei P20 Pro: The weigh-in (70 days old [12/08/18])

Can Samsung top the world's best smartphone?

The 40 best iPhone and iPad games right now (70 days old [12/08/18])

UPDATED: If you’re not using your iOS devices for playing games, you’re missing out on some of the best titles mobile has to offer


Experimental Android App Determines Alertness By Examining Eyes (1 hour 28 minutes old)

An experimental new Android app developed by a team at Cornell University is designed to determine a person's alertness by examining their eyes. The app, called AlertnessScanner, utilizes a smartphone's front-facing camera to gauge the size of users' pupils. "When we're in an alert state, our sympathetic nervous system causes our pupils to dilate so that we can take in information more easily," reports New Atlas. "On the other hand, when we're tired, our parasympathetic nervous system causes our pupils to contract." From the report: In an initial study, test subjects were prompted to use the a[...]

Windows 10 Will Banish Spectre Slowdowns With Google's Retpoline Patch (2 hours old)

Microsoft is including Google's mitigation for the Spectre Variant 2 speculative execution side-channel attack in the next release of Windows 10, currently codenamed 19H1. ZDNet reports: Google developed a software-based mitigation for Spectre Variant 2 called Retpoline that constrains speculative execution behavior sufficiently to mitigate an attack. Google's testing found its fix had a negligible effect on performance. Retpoline was implemented by Linux distributions such as Red Hat and SUSE, as well as by Oracle for Oracle Linux 6 and 7. And now, as MSPoweruser spotted, Microsoft's kernel e[...]

How the Finnish Survive Without Small Talk (3 hours old)

An anonymous reader quotes a report from the BBC: Finnish people often forgo the conversational niceties that are hard-baked into other cultures, and typically don't see the need to meet foreign colleagues, tourists and friends in the middle. As Tiina Latvala, a former English instructor in Sodankyla, Lapland, explained, part of her job was to introduce her young students to the concept of small talk. "We had a practice where you had to pretend to meet someone for the first time," Latvala said. "You had to pretend you were meeting at the cafe or on a bus and [that] you didn't know each other a[...]

Will Tech Leave Detroit In the Dust? (4 hours old)

As automotive companies shift their focus to software and services in the pursuit of self-driving cars, the impact to large manufacturing cities like Detroit could be drastic. The Wall Street Journal explores this "transformation without precedent" and poses the question: will tech leave Detroit in the dust? From the report: Auto makers point out that they have one advantage that newcomers to the industry don't: vehicles. "Ultimately, you can have the best services platform there is, but if you don't have the vehicles to operate on it, that won't do you much good," said Sam Abuelsamid, a senio[...]

Germany Urges Global Minimum Tax For Digital Giants (5 hours old)

Germany is backing a global minimum tax rate as Europe looks to levy tax notably on U.S. tech giants. "Europe is trying to devise a strategy to tax profits from the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and digital platforms such as YouTube and Airbnb which currently manage to keep fiscal exposure to a bare minimum," reports Yahoo News. From the report: "We need a minimum tax rate valid globally which no state can get out of (applying)," Scholz, a social democrat in conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition government, told the "Welt am Sonntag" weekly. Digital platforms "aggravate [...]

New Material Could Up Efficiency of Concentrated Solar Power (6 hours old)

An anonymous reader shares new work that could allow us to generate electricity using supercritical carbon dioxide. Ars Technica reports: The researchers involved in the new work, a large U.S.-based collaboration, focus on a composite material: tungsten and zirconium carbide. These have extremely high melting points: 3,700K for both materials. Both of them conduct heat extremely well, and neither of them expands or softens much under these conditions, meaning they would hold up better to the mechanical stresses. While the stats are impressive, the amazing part of this is how the material is fa[...]

Latest Windows 10 Update Has Yet Another File-Managing Issue (10 hours old)

An anonymous reader quotes Gizmodo: When it was discovered earlier this month that the 1809 build of Windows 10 was deleting user files just because, Microsoft halted the update until the problem was fixed. Shame, then, that another not-as-bad-but-still-bad file overwriting bug has now reared its head. in 1809, overwriting files by extracting from an archive using File Explorer doesn't result in an overwrite prompt dialogue and also doesn't replace any files at all; it just fails silently. There are also some reports that it did overwrite items, but did so silently without asking. Ars Tec[...]

Trolls Are Still Actively Trying to Influence Brexit and US Elections (13 hours old)

TechCrunch reports: A major new campaign of disinformation around Brexit, designed to stir up U.K. 'Leave' voters, and distributed via Facebook, may have reached over 10 million people in the U.K., according to new research. The source of the campaign is so far unknown, and will be embarrassing to Facebook, which only this week claimed it was clamping down on "dark" political advertising on its platform. Researchers for the U.K.-based digital agency 89up allege that Mainstream Network -- which looks and reads like a "mainstream" news site but which has no contact details or reporter bylines -[...]

Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight With Bits of Halley's Comet (17 hours old)

An anonymous reader quotes Space.com: If you're a meteor enthusiast, the year 2018 has been very kind to you. This past summer, the annual Perseid meteor shower reached its peak the day after a new moon, ensuring that no moonlight would hinder those spotting celestial streakers. And looking ahead to December, the Geminid meteor shower, the most prolific of all of the annual displays, will reach its peak when an almost-first-quarter moon is setting during the late evening hours. This will make for excellent viewing conditions. And coming almost midway between these two popular showers, this we[...]

Climate Modeller Wins $10,000 Wager Against Solar Physicists, Fails To Collect (19 hours old)

Layzej writes: Back in 2005, solar physicists Galina Mashnich and Vladimir Bashkirtsev made a $10,000 bet that global temperatures, driven primarily by changes in the Sun's activity, would fall over the next decade. The bet would compare the then record hot years between 1998 to 2003 with that between between 2012 and 2017. With temperatures falling from their peak during the 1998 super El-Nino, and solar output continuing to fall, this seemed like a sure bet. The results are now in and all datasets show that climate modeler James Annan is the clear winner. At the time of the wager, Annan had [...]

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A DeepMind library to help build reinforcement learning bots, and how Google's Pixel 3 cameras handle zoom (1 day old)

Also applications are now open for OpenAI's Scholars programme Roundup Hello, here's a quick roundup of interesting or useful bits of AI news that happened this week.…

Apple boss demands Bloomberg Super Micro U-turn, Russian troll charged, NSA hands out cash, and more (1 day old)

Plus, hackers find a safe haven in West Haven Roundup After we encountered a libssh security blunder, a leaky Tea Party, and a dodgy Redmond sports marketer, another week is in the book.…

Oz intel committee: Crypto-busting is only bad if you're a commie, and we're not by the way (1 day old)

El Reg listened to the whole depressing folly so you don't have to Comment Tech vendors: don't worry about Australian law enforcement demanding you decrypt user messages. It's OK, because we're not a communist regime.…

FYI: Faking court orders to take down Google reviews is super illegal (1 day old)

NYC biz boss gets nine months in the clink for profound idiocy A New York business owner will be spending the next nine months behind bars after he was convicted of forging court orders to take down unflattering online reviews.…

London flatmate (Julian Assange) sues landlord (government of Ecuador) in human rights spat (1 day old)

WikiLeaks overlord challenges housemate rules in court Housemate from hell Julian Assange is taking his landlord, the government of Ecuador, to court to stop its officials from, allegedly, running roughshod over his human rights.…

Core-blimey! Riddle of Earth's mysterious center finally 'solved' by smarty seismologists (1 day old)

So solid crew confirm old idea by spotting tiny waves The Earth’s core is solid, according to a pair of geophysicists who claim to have solved an 80-year-old conundrum concerning the planet's center.…

Spotted: Miscreants use pilfered NSA hacking tools to pwn boxes in nuke, aerospace worlds (2 days old [19/10/18])

High-value servers targeted by cyber-weapons dumped online by Shadow Brokers Miscreants are using a trio of NSA hacking tools, leaked last year by the Shadow Brokers, to infect and spy on computer systems used in aerospace, nuclear energy, and other industries.…

Pull request accepted: You want to buy GitHub, Microsoft? Go for it – EU (2 days old [19/10/18])

Eurocrats reckon that anti-competitiveness from Redmond would be a massive foot-shooting exercise The European Commission has given the thumbs up to Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub.…

Atlassian: Look at our ginormous Jira revenues! (2 days old [19/10/18])

But about that loss... Atlassian, the collaboration outfit responsible for inflicting Jira on the world, has announced a jump in revenues for the first quarter of fiscal 2019 and an equally eyewatering jump in losses.…

Ericsson's very good bad quarter, Mozilla encrypts SNI, new TIP projects, and more (2 days old [19/10/18])

Your weekly dose of networking Coming off a long string of losses, Ericsson probably hoped to turn in some good news, but at its latest financial results, the company announced the sacking of 50 people in response to a corruption scandal.…

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Anonymous Pro-Brexit ads on Facebook say 'bin Chequers' (1 day old)

A senior MP questions how a pro-Brexit website can run adverts without saying who has paid for them.

Facebook hires former deputy PM Sir Nick Clegg (2 days old [19/10/18])

The former Liberal Democrat leader will head Facebook's global affairs and communications team.

Google takes down travel visa ads (2 days old [19/10/18])

Many sites have been charging high rates since 2010 but Google has finally taken some of the ads down.

Online sellers 'pay for positive reviews' (1 day old)

A Which? investigator was hired to write high-rated reviews online in return for free goods.

Facebook sued over video viewing figures (2 days old [19/10/18])

Legal action brought by advertisers claims the social network knew about problems in metrics in 2015.

eBay revs up to take on Auto Trader in car ads (2 days old [19/10/18])

The online marketplace is acquiring Motors.co.uk, making it a "leading alternative" to Auto Trader.

Tiny companion phone released in Japan (3 days old [18/10/18])

The mobile is designed as a companion device for those who already own bigger smartphones.

Amazon creates 1,000 'highly skilled' jobs in three UK cities (2 days old [18/10/18])

Online retailer adds hundreds of "Silicon Valley" jobs in Manchester, Edinburgh and Cambridge.

'Why we faked our Facebook wedding in Kinshasa' (8 days old [13/10/18])

Successful, educated and attractive - Arlène Agneroh's friends said the only thing she was missing was a husband.

Mitsubishi windows shine 'alarmingly realistic' fake sunlight (3 days old [17/10/18])

Mitsubishi has developed a new indoor lighting system that mimics blue skies, sunrises and sunsets.

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