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The Ember Travel Mug keeps your drink at the ideal temperature on the go (208 days old [20/11/18])

A travel mug that's quite the hot-tea

Christmas Gift Guide 2018: 185 amazing Christmas gadget gift ideas (208 days old [20/11/18])

Stuck for what to buy that special someone? We've done the hard work for you

Christmas Gift Guide 2018: 15 gift ideas for drinkers and alcohol lovers (208 days old [20/11/18])

Thirst-quenching presents for fans of every tipple

The 40 best iPhone and iPad games right now (208 days old [20/11/18])

UPDATED: If you’re not using your iOS devices for playing games, you’re missing out on some of the best titles mobile has to offer

Nokia 9 preview: Everything we know so far (209 days old [19/11/18])

UPDATED: A leaked case showcases the five-camera design

11 things Apple will definitely* be making soon** (209 days old [19/11/18])

*Maybe **At some point

Astro's C40 TR is a wallet-busting PS4 gamepad built for pros (209 days old [19/11/18])

Bonus buttons, mix-and-match components, and Astro's trademark polish

First 10 things you should do with your Google Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL (209 days old [19/11/18])

Got yourself Google's latest Pixel phone? Here's how to get the best out of it...

Tiny L’Oreal wearable keeps you safe in the sun (209 days old [19/11/18])

My Skin Track/UV does what it says on the tin


Twitch Sues Troll Streamers Who Flooded Site With Violent Videos and Pornography (2 hours old)

An anonymous reader quotes Bloomberg: Twitch Interactive, the livestreaming platform owned by Amazon.com, has sued anonymous trolls who flooded the site last month with pornography, violent content and copyrighted movies and television shows... Twitch says it works to remove offensive posts and ban the accounts of the users who post them, but that the videos quickly reappear, apparently posted by bots, while other bots work to drive users to the impermissible content. Twitch temporarily suspended new creators from streaming after a May 25 attack by trolls. The company said that if it [...]

A New Hidden Way of Web Browser Profiling, Identification and Tracking (3 hours old)

Researchers from Austria's Graz University of Technology "have devised an automated system for browser profiling using two new side channel attacks that can help expose information about software and hardware," reports The Register. The researchers recently presented a paper titled "JavaScript Template Attacks: Automatically Inferring Host Information for Targeted Exploits," which The Register says "calls into question the effectiveness of anonymized browsing and browser privacy extensions... " Long-time Slashdot reader Artem S. Tashkinov shared their report: One of the side-channel a[...]

Researcher Publishers 7 Million (Still Public) Venmo Transactions on GitHub (4 hours old)

Remember the outrage last year when a researcher discovered that for Venmo's 40 million users, all transactions are "public" by default and broadcast on Venmo's API? More than a year later, computer science student Dan Salmon has demonstrated that it's still incredibly easy to download millions of transactions through Venmo's developer API without obtaining user permissions (without even using the Venmo app). He proved this by downloading 7 million of them," TechCrunch reports: Dan Salmon said he scraped the transactions during a cumulative six months to raise awareness and warn users[...]

'Genius' Site Said It Used Morse Code To Catch Google Stealing Song Lyrics (5 hours old)

"Genius.com says its traffic is dropping because, for the past several years, Google has been publishing lyrics on its own platform, with some of them lifted directly from the music site," reports the Wall Street Journal: Google denies doing anything nefarious. Still, Genius's complaints offer a window into the challenges small tech companies can face when the unit of Alphabet Inc. starts offering competing services on its platform... Genius said it notified Google as far back as 2017, and again in an April letter, that copied transcriptions appear on Google's website. The April letter, a c[...]

Google's Login Chief: Apple's Sign-In Button Is Better Than Using Passwords (7 hours old)

After Apple announced a single sign-on tool last week, The Verge interviewed Google product management director Mark Risher. Though Google offers its own single sign-on tool, The Verge found him "surprisingly sunny about having a new button to compete with. While the login buttons are relatively simple, they're much more resistant to common attacks like phishing, making them much stronger than the average password -- provided you trust the network offering them." RISHER: I honestly do think this technology will be better for the internet and will make people much, much safer. Even if they'r[...]

Michigan Town Approves Fiber Internet Despite Intense Lobbying (8 hours old)

Long-time Slashdot reader Proudrooster writes: Fiber Internet is coming to Traverse City, Michigan in the hopes of attracting high tech startups and helping the city become a high-tech hub. Even in the face of intense lobbying by [commercial high-speed internet provider] Charter, The Mackinaw Center for Public Policy, and a barrage of pop up ads opposing it, the project is moving ahead into phase one. It was more than apparent that Charter did everything it could to try and sow fear, uncertainty, and doubt to try and kill this project as other incumbent providers have done across the USA[...]

America Planted Malware In Russia's Power Grid, Says NYT (9 hours old)

"The U.S. military's Cyber Command has gotten more aggressive than ever against Russia in the past year, placing 'potentially crippling malware' in systems that control the country's electrical grid," according to CNET, citing a report in the New York Times: Made possible by little-noticed legal authority granted last summer by Congress, Cyber Command's strategy shift from a defensive to offensive posture is meant in part as a warning shot, but it's also designed to enable paralysing cyberattacks in the event of a conflict, The New York Times said Saturday, quoting unnamed officials... [T]h[...]

Why 'Ambient Computing' Is Just A Marketing Buzzword -- For Now (10 hours old)

An anonymous reader quotes Computerworld columnist Mike Elgan: Ambient computing is real. It's the next megatrend in computing.... To interact in an "ambient computing" context means to not care and not even necessarily know where exactly the devices are that you're interacting with. When IoT devices and sensors are all around us, and artificial intelligence can understand human contexts for what's happening and act accordingly and in our interests, then ambient computing will have arrived... As with many technology revolutions, including augmented reality and AI, the buzzword ambient wi[...]

Massive Electrical Failure Cuts Power To Nearly All Of Argentina On Election Day -- and Uruguay (11 hours old)

Iwastheone quotes the BBC: A massive electrical failure has left almost all of Argentina and Uruguay without power, according to a major Argentine electricity provider. Authorities say the cause of the blackout is still unclear. Argentine media said the power cut occurred shortly after 07:00 [03:00 PST, 11:00 BST], causing trains to be halted and failures with traffic signalling. It came as people in parts of Argentina were preparing to go to the polls for local elections. "A massive failure in the electrical interconnection system left all of Argentina and Uruguay without power," e[...]

Facebook's Photorealistic Simulator For AI Runs At 10,000 FPS (12 hours old)

malachiorion writes: Facebook just open sourced a simulator for testing and training embodied AI systems -- like virtual robots. They worked with AR/VR researchers to release the simulator along with what they say are the most photorealistic 3D reconstructions of real world places available. [Facebook Reality Labs have named this "the Replica data set".] The crazy part: Because more frames are always better for training computer vision in simulators, it can run at 10,000 FPS! The simulator's ability to hit 10K frames per second prompted an interesting follow-up on the original submiss[...]

The Register

Black Hat USA axes anti-abortion congressman as keynote speaker after outcry – and more news from infosec land (1 day old)

Your quick guide to hacks, patches and scandal Roundup Here's a quick roundup of recent infosec news beyond what we've already reported.…

Stiff penalty: Prenda Law copyright troll gets 14 years of hard time for blue view 'n sue scam (2 days old [14/06/19])

That's a wrap for the file-sharing skin flick shakedown It was a simple plan: obtain the rights to pornographic films, share copies of them online, then threaten to sue those downloading the skin flicks for copyright infringement unless they paid a $3,000 settlement fee.…

You like magic tricks? See this claim that IBM bungled an Obamacare IT project? Whoosh, now it's a $15m check (2 days old [14/06/19])

Big Blue hands over spare change to make allegations against subsidiary vanish IBM will cough up $15m to settle a major gripe over its development, or lack thereof, of software for a health insurance website for the US state of Maryland.…

Atari finally launches its VCS console. Again. (2 days old [14/06/19])

You can now pre-order this underpowered, over-priced, untested, over-complicated toy. What are you waiting for? After two years of delays and missed deadlines, Atari has announced at the E3 games conference this week that its VCS games console is finally available. For pre-order. Again.…

HP CFO Cathie Lesjak didn't even read KPMG's Autonomy due diligence before $11bn biz gobble (2 days old [14/06/19])

Now you can do exactly what she didn't: Pore over it – download our obtained copy of the report Autonomy Trial Cathie Lesjak, HP’s former chief financial officer, told the High Court in London this week that she did not read a KPMG due diligence report on British software firm Autonomy before her company blew $11bn buying it.…

Flight Simulator 2020: Exciting new ride or a doomed tailspin in a crowded market? (2 days old [14/06/19])

Armchair aviation geeks, assemble! Comment Earlier this week Microsoft announced that it was getting back into consumer flight simulation, nearly 15 years after abandoning the PC gaming field it largely pioneered in the public mind.…

Fsck it, we've lost Bitbucket: Quay.io webhook integration fails after API tweaked (2 days old [14/06/19])

Get thee down to the pub, fix out over the weekend maybe Docker botherer Quay.io's webhook integration with Bitbucket is looking a bit green around the gills.…

DIY with Akamai: What to do when no one sells the servers you need? You build your own (2 days old [14/06/19])

If it looks like a hyperscaler, swims like a hyperscaler... Akamai Edge World Content delivery network Akamai runs a distributed computing platform consisting of 250,000 servers. At this scale, every bit of IO and every Watt of power consumption matter – so instead of buying hardware off the shelf, the company designs its own.…

US can try extraditing Julian Assange next year, rules UK court (2 days old [14/06/19])

HMP Belmarsh resident preps for next legal fight WikiLeaks' Julian Assange will face a full extradition hearing on 24 February next year, Westminster Magistrates' Court ruled this morning.…

We asked readers what DXC should be known for... and of course you came up with the goods (2 days old [14/06/19])

You lovely bunch of, um, brand strategists. We knew you'd treat them right El Reg this week asked readers to lean their e-bike against the Japanese maple that overlooks the strategy boutique to help Ed Ho, GM for the Build division at DXC Technology, determine what his employer's brand stands for.…

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Huawei delays launch of folding smartphone (2 days old [14/06/19])

The Chinese tech giant says it's being "cautious" about the device, which was supposed to launch this summer.

Tech Tent: Facebook’s deepfake dilemma (2 days old [14/06/19])

Facebook was confronted this week with a fake video of its own founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Google's AR animals entertain Android users (2 days old [14/06/19])

Augmented Reality animals are appearing as an option on some Android devices as Google rolls out a new feature.

Twitter removes Iranian-backed accounts (2 days old [14/06/19])

The deleted accounts sent millions of messages trying to influence opinions about Iran, says Twitter.

Amazon sued over Alexa child recordings in US (3 days old [13/06/19])

Two complaints claim the firm lacks the required consent to build and store youngsters' voice profiles.

Selena Gomez: Instagram 'would make me depressed' (3 days old [13/06/19])

The singer says she had to delete social media from her phone as it made her feel bad about herself.

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Hands-on with Dynamax power (4 days old [12/06/19])

Chris Fox tests how the new Dynamax power to make the pet monsters huge affects gameplay.

Next-gen games may not need new console (4 days old [12/06/19])

How internet-streamed video games could benefit players and disrupt the industry.

E3: Nintendo's Legend of Zelda sequel confirmed (5 days old [11/06/19])

A follow-up to Breath of the Wild has been announced at the E3 gaming show in Los Angeles.

E3: Xbox One successor Project Scarlett to launch in 2020 (7 days old [09/06/19])

The next-generation console will have a new Halo game among its first titles.

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